The Edgemere Park historic district in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is bounded on the north by N.W. 36th Street, the South by N.W. 30th Street, the east by Robinson Avenue and the west by Walker Avenue. Dominated by the Tudor Revival architecture, the homes in Edgemere range from stately mansions to bungalows. Other predominate styles include Colonial Revival, Spanish Eclectic and even one Art Moderne residence. Located at the southern end of Harvey Parkway between N.W. 30th and NW 32nd street, this block contains two story homes in the most eclectic architectural styles found in Edgemere. The numbered streets which follow the natural contours of the neighborhood are dominated with many fine examples of the Tudor Revival style.</p>  <p>The neighborhood association is Edgemere Park Preservation, Inc. which is a tax-exempt non-profit organization.  Annual dues for the neighborhood association are $65.00 per household due in January of each year.  The neighborhood meeting dates and locations are published in Edgemere Park's monthly newsletter, the Eppilog, and on this web site.</p>  <p>Edgemere Park is zoned by the City of Oklahoma City as a Historic Preservation district.  Historic Preservation district zoning requires homeowners to maintain their property and to obtain a permit before beginning exterior remodeling of their home.  The owner of a home in Edgemere must first obtain a Certificate of Appropriateness (CA) from the Historical Preservation and Landmark Commission of the City of Oklahoma City before making any changes on the exterior of the house, garage, driveway or fencing.  A CA is also needed when adding or altering any landscape feature unless it is located in the rear yard, is not visible from any street or adjacent property and is less than six feet in height.  For more information on the CA process, go to the <a href='/Residents/HPResources.jsp'>HP Resources</a> page of this site.<>For a history of the development of Edgemere Park, click >this link<

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